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Intended Audience

I created this site as a way to whet the appetite of those who have never heard of MODX, and for those that may be familiar but haven’t had an opportunity to actually use it. It’s not intended for experienced MODX users, nor is it a comprehensive guide. If you want more information use the links in the sidebar.

The next page, MODX Introduction, very briefly explains the components that makeup a MODX page, or Resource. On Manager Introduction you will interact with the Manager directly. Finally, you can experiment with editing in the Sandbox.

It’s Not Personal

Because this is a public demo I have for security reasons stripped-down the Manager a lot. And I mean a lot. Most of what I’ve removed pertains to core settings or plugins only needed by the admin. That said, there's so much that can be done to tailor the Manager to the needs of its users, all of which falls outside the scope of this demo.

Now Let’s Sign-in

Before we begin click the “Sign-in” link in the sidebar and, uh... sign-in. Then click the green “Open Manager” button which will open the Dashboard in a new tab. Now you can use the Manager for reference as you read the following introduction pages. If you want to skip the introduction and go straight to the tutorials then jump to the Sandbox.

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